• Printed Promotional Lanyards

Printed Promotional and Dye Sub Lanyards

Printed lanyards and dye sublimation lanyards are used in many industries including sports, education, conference, exhibitions and business. They come in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, & 25mm widths with many optional fittings to choose from such as triggers clips, thumb hook, oval hook, bulldog clip, carabiner and the very important safety break. Materials include flat polyester, woven and soft polyester ideal for dye sublimation printing.

The majority of our lanyards in order to give you the best price come from overseas and take 3 weeks , however we do have a UK made range that we can produce and deliver and in just 5-7 days.

As we as lanyards we also supply the accessories such as eco and rigid ID card holders in all colours, ski pull reels with dome decal centers and clear ID pouch pockets.

For more information on lanyards give us a call 0151 650 6969 or email: sales@a-amarketing.co.uk