How To Send Your Artwork    
(artwork guidelines & how to send artwork to us if you are supplying it yourself)
Full Colour, Photographic Print

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 File formats accepted: JPEG, PNG, TIFF
When supplying artwork for full colour, photographic prints it’s important to ensure that your artwork is supplied in a sufficiently high resolution to achieve the highest quality print. Our printing machines will produce an image of much higher resolution than most laptop or desktop computer screens so just because an image looks fine on your screen, doesn’t mean it will make a good print. We ask that your artwork be supplied in sufficient size for us to print it at 300 DPI (dots-per-inch). You can supply larger artwork (up to 600 DPI) but anything lower may result in a sub-standard quality of print.

Logos, Text and Vector Files

File formats accepted: PDF, AI, SVG, EPS

For prints such as corporate logos and fine text such as URLs we strongly recommend supplying your artwork in vector format. Files created from a vector drawing package (such as Adobe Illustrator) tend to produce cleaner, sharper edges. This can dramatically improve the readability of text or the general appearance of logos. In order to exactly match the fonts in your artwork ALL FONTS MUST BE “OUTLINED”If this is not in place the fonts will be substituted for standard fonts and the artwork will be incorrect. Please ensure that layers within your Illustrator files are embedded instead of linked otherwise you will lose those layers. Please ensure artwork profile is set to CMYK as RGB artworks may vary in colour when printed.

Laser Engraving

File formats accepted: AI, SVG, EPS
Due to the way in which a laser engraver operates, we require all artwork for engraving to contain a single colour (preferably black) and to be in vector format. Black is engraved, white is not. ALL FONTS MUST BE “OUTLINED”. Paths must be outlines and masks cannot be used. Please also ensure that sufficient space is left between details as fine details may be lost when engraved.

Artwork Rejections

Occasionally, our printing experts may find that your artwork file is unsuitable (for example, if you forgot to outline the fonts). In this case we will contact you by email to notify you of the problem. If this happens with one of your orders, please try to respond with amended artwork files quickly so as to avoid increasing the lead time on your order.

Email Address To Send Artwork To
Please send your artwork when finished to:


Please note: The size of the artwork should be the size of the print area of the product. There should be no bleed unless specified.