• Printed Promotional Sticky Notes

Printed Promotional Sticky Notes

Printed promotional sticky notes have been around for years now and make a great addition to any marketing event, promotion or school / university open evening.

With its repositionable glue along the top edge they make functional and handy reminder lists, to-do lists, page markers or revision aids to name just a few uses.

They come in all sizes from small size, the very popular 75x75mm & 75x100mm size and bigger, paper colours come in natural, white, pink, blue, green, the ever popular iconic yellow ones, ECO recycled plus neon colours that stand out even more. The sticky pads come in 25 sheets per pad, 50 and also 100 sheets per pad.

The sticky note pads or books etc. can be litho printed 1,2,3 & 4 spot colours plus full colour.

It’s not just sticky note pads we supply its books of sticky notes, sticky notes on bookmarks, sticky notes on rulers plus the very popular desk buddy that is a hard back book that contains various colours and sizes of sticky notes, making it a very popular desk item.

For sticky notes that stick around and get noticed give us a call on 0151 650 6969 or email: sales@a-amarketing